A somewhat pointless, yet completely necessary list of things that make me happy.

1. The fact that my partner in crime will be home soon and the fact that we’ll be at the same school next semester!!!

8111_10151037625462348_277050688_n 10404081_667542550030743_1444627029843251910_n10884552_697814723670192_1035121035_n

2. The fact that I have a bully as a bff. Jk I love her to the moon.


3. My “so ugly she’s cute” dog, Oreo/best bud ❤ So much love for this little thing.

10859484_689023207882677_1522909186_nIMG_4676 397873_142595765858760_432394052_n

4. The fact that I have so many hilarious memories and life changing moments with this incredible person.

1491649_490795204372146_1276078984_n1385136_451933224925011_1906694819_n  10441127_659878354130496_5083916989002607815_n

5. The fact that I was blessed with such a lovely roomie while I attended Bethel University who turned out to be a lifelong friend.

1391570_471564896295177_417847351_n 10246856_553033554814977_4931309001976643101_nFullSizeRender

6. The fact that I was able to lead under these influential, God-fearing people at youth group all through high school.

544865_216605418457794_89702704_n 522175_216605401791129_68625611_n527781_216605385124464_923619395_n

7. The fact that this really happened.

546533_216605341791135_2111679684_n 156172_220530854731917_1964441500_n 553644_216605361791133_631671142_n

8. The fact that this picture exists. Hahah get it girl, get it.


9. The fact that I’ve grown so close with this awesome person. Love that she’s in my life.

934885_10205860665621800_7326925668386467481_n FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-3

10.  The fact that we’ve been apart of each other’s lives since the day we were born. And that’s not an exaggeration.


11. The fact that her and I have always had a special connection. She’s the strongest and most amazing person I know.




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