Resolutions that Actually Matter to me

45bc746409160857b738d8971690b0981. Go somewhere I’ve never been before. And do it as cheap as possible. Because less is more and it would be a fun adventure. f1d78d8bfa17c60cf8eee4e4156fd780 2. Do something I’ve never done before. Whatever that looks like. Because there’s something exciting about trying something new. c0af4ea304e6acbc76f063fc14491320 3. Invest more in my relationships. Don’t allow fear to hold me back and in the wise words of my man John Mayer just, “say what you need to say.” Because you never know. And really, what’s there to lose? de04f4272fbeb34bb862c6ba3c7b6057 4. Work up to running a mile in 6 minutes. Because that’d be sick! 356c6536455a03b9b8049a68accdfd0e 5. Conquer a fear and learn to embrace failure. Failing only means one thing- you tried. Yeah, you might feel stupid, or embarrassed, or your heart might break, but hey.. at least you tried. That counts for something. 6139f119dbdcb74b7179f77f1c030f04 6. Go to sleep earlier. In high school I went to bed around 8:30 just about every night. Pathetic? Maybe. Did I feel energized and amazing? Almost always. Legend says that when you can’t fall asleep, someone is thinking about you. You guys, I know I’m amazing and all, but please.. stop thinking about me all the time. It’s exhausting for the both of us (haha). Plus, getting enough z’s is good for your health. 88f5e1d1e3a26ff076906a8066ed7719 7. Stop feeling guilty. It’s ok to grow out of things and it’s ok if not everyone agrees with me. I’m allowed to move on and maybe even miss it at the same time. And it’s ok to change. People change once they fully accept themselves and become who they are/want to be. Changing is a fact of life. Accept it. Embrace it. Own it. And learn to love it. 1d9bab63a77c128d527d504738ba7f03 8. Stop feeling obligated. I don’t owe anyone anything, so there’s no reason for me to constantly feel as though I do. I need to stop basing my decisions off of what I “should” do according to what the people around me would prefer. Instead, I need to voice my own opinions and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ despite anyone else. People pleasing leads to a sad and miserable life of things I never even wanted in the first place. I’ve already started working on this one and I’m getting much better at it, but the “feeling obligated” part is still there at times. 47efab71f5cfbcd6c4b2714e5345f77c So there you have it, people. Here’s to the coming of a new year and resolutions that are actually attainable.


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