Rethinking Life

There is only one thing God promised to bless, and that is his plan. He has given us his plan in his Word, and if we want the blessing of God, then we don’t need to come up with something else. Instead, we need to align with the plan he has already promised to bless.

I know I’m not the only one who has thought something will go a certain way, only to find that I was completely wrong about it. I’ve had my mind set on a specific school, my eyes focused on a certain career path, & my heart falling for a specific guy. And none of it has gone the way that I planned. This is life. 

When things don’t go the way we think they should, it’s easy to become frustrated, upset, and confused. One minute we think we have something figured out, next thing we know we are watching it fall apart right in front of us. At least that’s how it looks from our perspective.

I think that our idea of how life should work is twisted. And I think that this is what has caused so many to turn away from, or never take an interest in, the only thing  that we all need- a relationship with God.

I’ve heard a number of people talk about how they don’t understand why things won’t just work out for them or why they have to go through another horrible situation. When things go differently than they had thought they would, they are left with what I can only describe as a heavy hopelessness. They feel let down & disappointed. & it hurts. I know I’ve felt this way at times. It’s completely normal for this to happen when life throws us curve-balls. But just because it’s normal, doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be. Just because society says one thing, doesn’t mean you have to agree.

Personally, I’m starting to think we have it all wrong. You see, we have this idea in our heads that things are supposed to go a certain way- Our way. If something is good or the timing seems right, then we want it to work out. We start to imagine our lives at this school, in this city, or with this person. Sometimes it works out, and that’s awesome. But a lot of times it just doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that it was a bad school, a horrible city, or a crappy person. I think it means that what you had or where you were was exactly what you needed for the time being, but it no longer has a place in your life. That’s not to say that you’ll never revisit it/them again but for now, it’s not in the plan- God’s plan.

I think that it’s easy to assume that God will give us what we want. And he will. The thing is that what we want, might not be what we actually want. In fact, it might only be what we think we want. The problem? How are we supposed to know the difference between what we think we want and what we actually want? That’s where trusting/following God is crucial. We don’t know what lies ahead. We have absolutely no idea. We don’t know where our careers will take us. We don’t know who we’ll run into and reconnect with. Heck, we don’t even know if our cars will start when we’re trying to get to work tomorrow morning. God, and only God, knows these things. He knows that whatever hasn’t worked out in our lives hasn’t worked out for a reason. He doesn’t ruin our plans or make us go through horrible situations just because he can. He does these things for our own good because that’s how deep his love for us is. And honestly, what’s life without a good plot twist?

The next time something doesn’t go the way you thought it should  instead of thinking that it wasn’t supposed to happen like this, remember that maybe you were wrong. Maybe, because we really only know what we think we want, we will eventually be glad that things changed. Even if it’s painful, uncomfortable, or hard at the time. We don’t know what lies ahead. Something even more fitting than whatever it was we had before is waiting for us somewhere down the road. All it takes to receive it is a little trust and a whole lot of patience.

The best is yet to come,



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