Opening up.

A few weeks ago I went and got another tattoo. Only like three people have known about it up until now (hi mom & dad.. please don't shun me I love you). This is my second tattoo and this time was no different from the last. I gave it a lot of thought, I didn't … Continue reading Opening up.

Discovering things//Part 1

This year has been one big learning experience for me. My heart has experienced emotions it didn't know existed. My mind has been blown by new people and new ideas. I have had brutally honest moments with myself that have been some of the hardest, yet most liberating moments of my life. This year has … Continue reading Discovering things//Part 1

Because Love

With social media and how texting has become such a regular way to communicate, we have more access to people than ever before. We are seeing them in a different light, and it's not all bad, but sometimes it's a little scary. Especially when it comes to relationships. One thing I'm happy about is the … Continue reading Because Love

Plot Twist: She Makes an Anti-Bucket List

Most people talk about bucket lists, right? What about an anti-bucket list? Yeah, I have one. And Yeah, I'm gonna share it with you. Why? Because I feel like it. And seriously, why not? Don't get me wrong, I love a good bucket list. I'm all for carpeing every diem! But there are some things … Continue reading Plot Twist: She Makes an Anti-Bucket List

Yay for birthdays!

I turned 21 today! Yay for October 20th!! I'm sick so that's kind of sad, but it sure was a beautiful day outside and for that I can be happy. ALSO, one of my closest friends stopped by with balloons and flowers and that just made my day so much brighter 🙂 I love her! I … Continue reading Yay for birthdays!

We are more than conquerors.

All of our souls are hungry for something. We search and search and suddenly we find ourselves in places we know are not right. We are left feeling empty and without any light. Yet we continue on with the same bad habits or behaviors, or whatever it may be because it is all that we know. … Continue reading We are more than conquerors.

One of those heartfelt things

It comes and goes in waves & honestly I have no idea why it effects me still. Part of me knows it shouldn't, but the other part of me knows it always will. Things are about to get real honest, real fast, so bare with me. I miss my mom. I'd do anything to hear … Continue reading One of those heartfelt things

This Spirit of Fear

Who am I really? Behind all of my masks. Behind what I write. Who am I and why am I the way that I am? I know I'm not the only one who has thought long and hard about questions like these. For the past couple of days I've been trying to figure myself out. Sounds … Continue reading This Spirit of Fear

A note to the guys

Dear guys, This is something that many of you have heard before. But it's also something that I don't think is heard enough. It's something that might not be taken as seriously as it should, and seems to be overlooked by too many of you. It's something that is dear to my heart, and I … Continue reading A note to the guys